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Why AnyMap?

Too often I find myself stranded without the ability to navigate -- either because I have no phone signal or because I am out-of-country and don't want to pay the crazy roaming fees. But even when I remembered to download an offline map for my last trip to Japan I realized that the much better map was the one the hotel clerk handed me. It was a unique local map with his hand-written annotations. At that point I wished I could just take a picture of that very map and use it as a basis to navigate. So, my good friend Oliver and I got together and AnyMap was born!

Rickmer, co-creator of AnyMap

Use real maps!

If you can see it you can use it!

Find your way better around trails, a foreign city, the zoo, botanical garden, etc

Use annotated maps, a scribble on a napkin, anything.

Navigate off the Grid

No need for any phone signal, just GPS reception (available world-wide, for free)

You don't even need a SIM card!

Works on or off the beaten path or on the open ocean, if you really want to

Save Data Charges

Snap a pic of a printed map and get going - no data needed!

AnyMap only uses your GPS, which is free and available across the globe.

How does AnyMap work?

It's the simple idea that makes AnyMap so effective and useful: AnyMap puts actual GPS coordinates onto any map you provide. To associate GPS with the map you need to provide two positions. This will give you the proper orientation of the map and the scale at the same time. For maps that are not entirely accurate you can adjust the alignment along the way.


Take a pic of a map

Then tell AnyMap where on the map you took the picture of it. This tells AnyMap the origin

Get going!

As you explore, look for a location that is also on the map. You don't need to go far but accuracy usually improves with a little distance

Set the second marker

With this second waypoint in place AnyMap is now calibrated and can tell you which direction you're headed. It also adds a scale to your map


Go and explore! Since most maps are a little imperfect you can always adjust the map calibration as you use the map. AnyMap also has a special mode for truly bad maps, fear not!

Meet the Team

Good friendship makes for good work. Good work feels good. Feeling good makes friends.


Rickmer Kose

Spaghetti Brain

One of the first mobile developers ever. Eats Spaghetti.


Oliver Schaff

Spaghetti Coder

Can't stop learning. Makes great Spaghetti!

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